HTR lead the way in developing Voice solutions

We only offer a Carrier Grade 100% CLI voice solution at HTR, no more fishing and broken promises of a quality product. We have cleared out all the bad players and deal direct with carriers that understand our philosophy, we operate a three strike cut off with all our carriers. If our providers do not supply what is guaranteed on the third issue we will drop the carrier and all calls will be routed away. All our CDRs are available with pcap captures and a quality of service report so both we and our customers are able to check that service is being supplied and can be quick to a fault resolution. We also provide a CLI checking system to report on your calls autonomous from our equipment.

Value Added Services

HTR offer bespoke solutions for capitalising on new revenue streams for Telco Operators, large or small. Our VAS platform can be custom made to your needs from database control, full IVR, translation or just standard conference call in services. Full monitoring of your product is provided which is bespoke to HTR, showing you your traffic streams along with the normal quality control and changes options.