HTR Telecommunications are a leading player in the VAS and voice market, globally. We have the backup and in house expertise to create any solution you need.

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HTR Telecoms

We support leading VAS and B2B voice providers with our 100% redundant platforms. We provide a 100% guaranteed full CLI and telco compliant network, and will not allow blending of any product by any of our partners. You can be sure of your products and can confidently sell to your own customers without the fear of falling quality,.

We have years of experience in all the voice markets, and the knowledge of all the faults and scams that have affected the voice market since the introduction of VoIP. We are 24/7 monitored in our NOC and fully, without loss redundant.

HTR only operate with compliant carriers and service providers, we do not deal with small scale resellers and insist on contractually guaranteed quality. Our three strike carrier cut off has left us with only quality, and all our relationships are years old and reliable. Our platforms for VAS are in house and developed with our own staff to make sure we provide a bespoke solution to your needs. We do not rebrand any other service providers.

HTR Telecommunications Ltd

With our management team enjoying over 40 years combined experience in the Telecom industry we are well positioned to deliver on our strategy of offering value added services, voice products and the right tools to increase your business value.